Form 6

20th May 2022

Form 6 Entry 2 students have been developing their work skills in the college kitchen this term as part of their OCR course. They have been reading and researching recipes, writing shopping lists, shopping at Asda and then preparing the food for their lunch the next day. They have been learning how to follow a recipe, organise their equipment and ingredients and how to cook safely and without making any one poorly.
This week they had chosen to make 'posh jackets' and had found a Mary Berry recipe on the internet. They had to bake the potatoes, then, when baked, they had to scoop out the insides and mix with the other ingredients. This week we made red pepper and feta cheese jackets and cheese, bacon and mushroom ones. You can see from the photos how nice they looked. The potatoes then went back in the oven for final 15 minutes bake.
As you can see, the students really enjoyed eating them for their lunch with some salad.