Mental Health, Wellbeing & Fitness

This is an uncertain time for everyone. It is especially important that we protect the mental health and welbeing of our students.
We recommend that you limit the amount of time they spend on Ipads, phones or other ICT devices to set times or impose time limits. 
We also recommend that you monitor any social media usage to ensure that students remain safe whilst online. There is also lots of information around coronavirus online, including fake news. It is important that you monitor how much access your child has to this information as it can contribute to increased anxiety and stress.
Whilst at home, please make sure that all students have regular movement breaks. If you have a garden or access to outside space please make sure you go out to get some fresh air and try to take some light exercise. There is a proven link between being outdoors, exercise and good mental health.
We would also recommend the use of some indoor fitness based activities that we use in college. We regularly use Fitness Marshall, Chair Zumba and Relaxation. Links to these activities and others are below:
Fitness Marshall
Chair Zumba
Meditation and Relaxation
BBCteach Super movers
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Joe Wicks Kids Workout
Jump Jam