Life long learning tasks

As you know, the college curriculum is heavily based around life skills, functional skills and work related learning. There are many fantastic learning opportunities that students can take part in at home which will keep developing their independence. Please allow your child to do as much as they can on their own. Suggested activities:
Self - care skills
Brushing teeth
Washing face and hands
Showering and bathing
Intimate care
Tying shoelaces
Fastening buttons and zips
Household tasks
Washing Up
Using the washing machine
Folding/hanging clothes
Changing the bed
Washing the car
Making drinks and snacks
Cooking a meal
Reading a recipe
Weighing and measuring
Emptying the bin
Grounds Maintenance
Growing and maintaining plants
Watering plants
Sweeping up
Additional life skills
Reading for pleasure
Functional reading (e.g. instructions)
Telling the time
Recognising coins and notes, finding totals, giving change
Using a calculator
Completing a jigsaw or puzzle
Playing a board game