South African School Corona Update

24th July 2020

They couldn't stop saying "Thank you!"

Lynn du Preez who heads up the group of volunteers working into Noncedo School messaged me during lockdown. Building renovations were put on hold in April. As the effects of lockdown began to bite school families were facing starvation. Lynne asked me whether the latest amount we sent could be used to provided food rather than be used for building work. I said that it could indeed, trusting that you as supporters would understand. During the last months there has been some funding from Australia which means our funds are still available at this stage for building renovations to the Grade 2 and 3 class rooms.

In her WhatsApp messages to me Lynn wrote in May: ‘We organised the first food parcels which reached 16 families. They couldn’t stop saying “Thank you!" The vegetables were donated by Cheryl (a local business person) involved with the hockey programme. She got the groceries at a good price…we would like to do it again in two weeks’ time.”

Lynn du Preez messaged last week that they have been doing food parcels every two to three weeks. COVID-19 transmission is on the rise in SA with about 14,000 new cases daily at present. In so many parts of the country social distancing is just not possible. Poverty, cramped living conditions and poor sanitation are all contributing factors.There is a long road ahead.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has supported Noncedo School over the years. We’ve helped improve the educational environment for pupils and teachers. This academic year we raised a total of £668 (13 073 ZAR) through the two coffee afternoons and shortbread sales.

I am retiring from College this academic year so will no longer be organising fundraising events but management hope to continue donating to this good cause. It’s been a consistent joy and a privilege to be the link between your generosity and the need in Noncedo School. Thank you once again for your ongoing support. 

Joy de Smidt