Home Learning Overview

Dear Parents,
In the event that your child needs to resume home learning (e.g. quarantine, local lockdown or advised to shield from a medical clinician) please read the information below.
It is important that our students stay engaged in learning activities as much as possible whilst they remain at home. This will provide a purpose to their day, keep them busy so they do not become bored and will also ensure that they do not lose vital skills. 
If advised to stay at home each student will receive a work pack reinforcing basic skills. You will also be given daily activities, communicated to you through Evidence for Learning or email, which match elements of our college curriculum. 
As you know, we use the Evidence for Learning App to capture all the wonderful learning opportunities and 'wow' moments in college. It allows you an inside view to your child's daily life within college.
Please log on to the Evidence for Learning website and check that you have the notification settings turned on. 
In the event that your child resumes home learning,  college tutors will be setting daily tasks for you through Evidence for Learning. These tasks will be linked to your son or daughter's vocational course to ensure that we still make progress towards our accreditation outcomes. Please take photographs and videos of your child completing these tasks with a commentary if possible. We will then be able to use this as evidence for the qualification awarding body. 
If you do not know your log in details please email/phone college and we will have them emailed out to you.
Additionally, the college website gives you guidance around the kind of practical activities that you can undertake at home that will continue to develop your child's life long learning as well as physical, sensory and wellbeing activities. You can find this information on the following pages.
Many thanks
Lynne Ledgard