Free Training Opportunities for Staff, Parents and Carers

Free CPD opportunities

Pastoral /wellbeing


Course title


Teaching students who have suffered complex trauma

We all have mental health: an introduction for teachers

Child protection for teachers

Making sense of mental health problems

Keeping them safe

Young people and their mental health

ACEs: Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences & Early Trauma

Professional relationships with young people

Recognising and preventing FGM

Emotional intelligence at work

Understanding young minds

Safeguarding – child sexual abuse and exploitation

Introduction to child psychology

Get moving, get healthy

Bullying in schools

Understanding depression and low mood in young people





Introducing British Sign Language

Disability matters learning packages

Understanding dyslexia

Understanding Autism

Dyslexia awareness part 1

Dyslexia awareness part 2

Focus on SEN CPD



Ed Tech


Education technology leadership in schools

Take your teaching online

Impact of technology

Accessibility of e-learning

The online educator: people and pedagogy

Understanding technology in evidence-based teaching and learning



The Arts


Becoming a better music teacher

Teaching secondary music

Why teach art?



Literacy across the curriculum


Introduction to teaching vocabulary

Introduction to speech, language and communication

English grammar in context

Building literacy with PowerPoint

Understanding language: learning and teaching

Understanding language and learning

Involving the family in supporting pupils’ literacy

Understanding English dictionaries

Language development for teachers

Literacy in science





Teaching secondary MFL

Assessment in secondary MFL





Managing the practical classroom in secondary science

Girls in STEM: closing the STEM gap

Teaching Biology: inspiring students with plant science

Curriculum design for secondary science

Linking curriculum learning to STEM careers

Teaching practical science - Chemistry

Inspiring young people in STEM

Teaching mathematics

Using visualisation in maths teaching

Maths subject knowledge: understanding numbers

Maths subject knowledge: fractions, decimals and percentages

Maths subject knowledge: proportion, ratio and scaling





Muslims and Islam

Politics and society





Engaging with educational research

Education research that matters

Cognitive science for teachers level 1

Cognitive science for teachers level 2

Metacognition for teachers

Dual coding for teachers

Rosenshine masterclass with Tom Sherrington

Chartered College of Teaching and free access to EBSCO - free membership through United Learning

Resource library full of free research materials




Teaching and learning


Teaching for good behaviour

Planning for learning: formative assessment

Inclusive education

Mentoring student teachers

Introduction to GDPR

Facilitating learning in practice

Teaching sustainable development goals

Supporting successful learning in secondary school

Evaluating school classroom discussion

Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants

Embedding employability skills in the curriculum

Transforming education in challenging environments

Teaching and learning tricky topics

Education for all: disability, diversity and inclusion

Differentiation for learning

The science of learning

Meeting the needs of diverse learners

Assessment for teachers

Leading blended professional learning

Looking globally: the future of education

Climate Change teacher free courses





The what and why of educational leadership and management

Leadership and context

Introduction to Cloud for leaders

Exploring educational leadership

Inspiring social change leaders

Free trial membership to Leadership Matters

Virtual leadership workshops

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Early career teachers


Becoming a reflective practitioner

Learning to teach: an introduction to classroom research

Learning to teach: making sense of learning to teach

Professional development for early career teachers