External Work Related Learning

At Woolston 6th Form work experience is carefully planned and provided for all students. Their own personal aspirations are the first thing we ascertain. We then look for opportunities within college to nurture this and provide ‘real’ working environments for our students, enabling them to learn and develop freely at their pace whilst having the opportunity to develop their interpersonal and workplace skills.

When a student is ready for more we look at external work placement opportunities.These are sourced with appropriate employers who can provide the necessary support required by our students. The individual needs of the students, along with appropriate support, are provided to the employer in order to maximise placement success.

All work experience placements allow students to enhance their work towards their personal targets and study programme. Recent work experiences include Padgate Library, an ice-cream shop, Warrington Youth Café, Pyramid Centre and Warrington Play & Sensory Centre.

Our students have benefitted hugely from the opportunity to participate in work experience, allowing them to be more independent, improving their self-confidence and developing their communication and interpersonal skills.

Are you interested in providing an opportunity for one of our students?

The skills our students have are often overlooked and can be valuable assets in the workplace. Some students can be particularly gifted in areas like IT tasks and repetitive hands-on tasks. Students demonstrate high levels of motivation and enthusiasm making them valued members of a team.

When you offer a work experience placement to a young person with a learning or physical disability your business can contribute to meeting equal opportunities and diversity priorities. The process can positively challenge staff to be more empathetic and flexible in the way they work, developing their management and communication skills. These students have a lot to offer and based on their positive placement performance many go onto become volunteers and employees for their provider.

We will support your business every step of the way, by identifying suitable tasks for the student, monitoring student progress, and where appropriate college staff will attend with the student to help them adjust. We are also willing to provide training to your organisation in supporting young people with additional needs.
Please contact Lynne Ledgard  on 01925 811447 or email woolstonsixthformcollege@warrington.gov.uk