Internal Work Related Learning

Here at Woolston College, work skills are very much woven into the curriculum. All of our courses develop work skills alongside independent living skills and functional application of Maths and English.

All students further develop their work skills in the Duke of Edinburgh program in activities such as garden renovation, fundraising for local charities, community projects and grounds maintenance.


In Year 14, all students complete careers based units of work to fine tune their employability skills. Units include:

  • Pathways 1& 2: Recognising centre staff and the jobs they do, recognising work areas in the wider community

  • Pathway 3: Preparing for a work placement, applying for jobs and courses, skills for gaining employment, preparing for and taking part in an interview, employment skills 

All students access employers through community visits and take part in focussed career days provided by World of Work (WOW).

Please see the table below to see details of how our learners progress in their chosen OCR or Open Awards course:

Work Related Learning Opportunities within the curriculum:

Hospitality & catering

  • Working in and running a kitchen– preparing, cooking and serving lunch to all the college students
  • A range of food preparation and hospitality skills
  • Health & Safety within the kitchen and food safety
  • Housekeeping and catering skills

Café & retail

  • Working in 2 successful small businesses
  • The Bungalow Café—serving lunches to staff on site
  • The Bungalow Café Catering—offering catering for small parties in the Warrington area.
  • Hosting a variety of charitable events as well as events for parents and carers.
  • A range of food preparation and hospitality skills
  • Health & Safety within the kitchen and food safety

Office & Admin

  • Working in the college office as well as other school offices
  • Completing tasks set by the office manager
  • Using the laminator, shredder, computer, printer and photocopier
  • Answering the telephone and using the internal tannoy system
  • Using a diary, typing, filing
  • Handling money—sorting and counting dinner monies as well as processing the time sheets and wages for the hospitality & catering group
  • Running the college library


  • Some responsibility for the upkeep of the college grounds
  • Growing a variety of vegetables and fruit and selling them to staff, parents, and the college kitchen
  • Generating an income using natural resources e.g. Christmas wreaths and other plant based gifts

Prep for Work

  • Understanding of the world of work and volunteering
  • Identifying personal skills sets and how they can utilise these to gain employment/volunteer work within the community.
  • Working in The Bungalow café one day a week

Preparation for Independence


  • Household skills
  • Shopping skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Using the local community and developing communication skills
  • Running a Sausage Butty business for whole site staff one day a week

Supported Independence Skills



This course is for our PMLD learners and has a bigger therapy input. They weave the 4 PMLD areas of cognition, communication, sensory/physical and SEMH into our college curriculum.

Learners also work on developing the ability to make choices and accessing the local community as much as possible. Their Work Related Learning is accessed through the Duke of Edinburgh program and our Creative Curriculum session in activities such as volunteering projects, enterprise activities and working in our community café. Careers Units are taught in Year 14.