Welcome to Form 1, Supported Living Skills. During the next term the students will be working on two different OCR units, these are:

  • 'Using a shopping facility' which will include the students looking at different shops within the community and what they sell, visiting the different shops and locating items we need to buy, then using money to pay for the items at both a maned till and self-service checkout.
  • 'Participating in carrying out household tasks'. The students will look at a range of household tasks, identify the equipment used to complete these tasks and then take part in the task they have looked at.
  • Over the course of the next year the students will also be working towards completing the 'Planning and preparing a simple meal' unit. For this unit they will help to plan a meal and what is needed, buy the items we need, follow instructions for creating the meal and do so safely, following health and safety rules. They will begin doing this within the sausage butty enterprise activity on a Wednesday morning.