Update on Noncedo School, South Africa

30th November 2019

The South Africa School Fund’s motto is “Every pound makes a difference” and it truly does. Last year the money we raised made these changes:  
  • Two reception classes are now taught in dry, wind free classrooms
  • A drinking water tap was put in
  • Floors have been tiled in two classrooms and in the library that has been started
  • The tiles are easy to clean unlike broken cement
  • Shelves were put into the library

A dedicated team of volunteers uses the money wisely, making real changes. Lynn du Preez heads up the volunteer team and wrote recently:

Thank you! We really appreciate your funding which has made all of these things possible. This time last year the two reception classes were sitting outside and very little was achieved. The teachers are so grateful to have classrooms to teach in. It has made an enormous difference.”

The name of Woolston 6th Form College is known 6000 miles away for its generosity and care.

The Grade 2 and 3 classes are next. They are housed in an outbuilding with no windows and in very poor condition. This is a large project but one the team are tackling and funds will make this possible.

See the SA School Thank You article that follows for the latest amounts raised this academic year.