The Monty Dons are keeping busy

3rd March 2022

With Spring just around the corner we have lots to do in Horticulture! 
This week we have been preparing our Teta-Tetes and Scillias for sale which we have grown from bulbs planted back in early November. We have been caring for these until they are ready to flower, cleaned up and decorated ready for sale. We have also been preparing our beds ready for the Spring and Summer planting session. Digging over the beds and removing the weeds ready for the manure to be added.
We have started a new topic in our English Lessons, looking at Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. We have read a story as a class and carried out some independent research to find out more about the culture they come from. In the coming weeks we will look at how the Aboriginals told their stories through different arts such as music and dance. 
Watch this space for some of our lovely work.