On the Road to Independent Travel

16th October 2018

Warrington’s Own Buses has launched a disability-friendly pass scheme with Woolston 6th Form College, a local college for students with a range of special educational needs, with the aim of helping the college’s students travel safely and independently around the town.

The scheme will give students the opportunity to travel directly from the college to the town centre and back. It is hoped, that through the scheme, the students will gain the skills and confidence to travel unassisted.

Jordon, one of the students involved said, “I can travel to work in Warrington and I will be able to travel by myself.”

Ben Wakerley, Managing Director of Warrington’s Own Buses, is equally pleased the scheme has been established, adding: “Travelling independently is a key life skill and I’m proud that we are able to support students through this scheme.”

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