Office and Admin

22nd November 2018

The Office & Admin group have been busy practising the office tasks.
‘The Office Juniors’ have been working hard completing jobs in the office, covering Maree’s lunch and other days when Maree was not available. Working together, the group created a rota for their duty.

The group are working towards many Open Awards units this term, mainly focusing on Customer Service, Exploring Working in an Office, Professional Behaviour when working in an Office and Money. These are all skills that are vital on the Office & Admin course.

As well as counting the dinner wallets, the office juniors have been learning new jobs that have been created to work in partnership with other courses running throughout college. Here they are counting and sorting the tutor group money and the Café and Retail group money. They are beginning to work on a format for Maree to show totals and amounts of money each of the course groups has made over the week.