Hospitality and Catering Group

22nd November 2018

The guys have really settled well into the kitchen and now have their first half term under their belts.We have aced some of the regular tasks, with students becoming more and more independent as the term has gone on, for instance, no longer needing pictorial guides to complete a task or using the timer function on the ipad to assist us getting quicker at completing a task.Students are also really good at remembering to come back into the kitchen after lunch if it is their turn to do a clearance duty and they all love their turn to serve on the counter or go with Hilda to the main kitchen to fetch the hot food.We are all competent at preparing salad ingredients, jacket wedges and baked potatoes and we are now extending our repertoire to include making pizzas, custard and sandwiches. In the last couple of weeks we have also been getting to grips with the cleaning schedule, with different jobs needing doing on either a daily, weekly or half termly basis. Of course, it’s not all hard work, with students taking turns to go food shopping for the food tech and snack shopping, and later  in the term we have the highlight of our year – Christmas Dinner!

May 2019


The academic year in Hospitality and Catering is fast drawing to a close, and Joy and I are starting to feel redundant!

The students are now fairly self-sufficient in the kitchen, with them now being able to complete a range of tasks independently, such as calculating numbers and populating the dinner lists, so we know who wants what and we order enough; making salads, sandwiches, stuffing balls, jacket potatoes and wedges, custard, pizzas and biscuit; baking off fish and chicken, making up packed lunch bags, doing a stocktake and then collecting stock. Students also set up the dining room each day, serve hot and cold food and clear up after service.

By this point in the year, the students are confident in their skills, have completed 10 modules towards their Open Awards Diploma and have a wide range of transferable skills to take forward to their next course in the new academic year.