Form 7

1st October 2020

Welcome to another new year in Form 7!

Course groups this year remains the same, due to having a truncated year last year.  In Hospitality and Catering, old hands Jack, Dylan, Lily and Liam J are also joined by Charlotte, who has joined the college in September.  In the Horticulture group, Nicholas has been joined by Liam H, who has moved over from Form 6.  As you may know, in July we said ‘goodbye’ to Joy and Hilda, so this year Tracey and I are joined by Emma and Anne and also Hilary, who will be looking after the horticulture crew, PHSE and Duke of Edinburgh. 

This year will look very different to what we are used to, we will be staying together a lot more and the team are committed to helping our students settle into the new routines as smoothly and quickly as possible.  We are only a week in and already we know it will be a fabulous year with lots of opportunity to build our skills and achieve things we don’t yet think possible.

Although our courses have, historically, been very practical, unfortunately this year, due to the current situation, we will be doing a lot more theoretical work, with a focus on general life skills and skills for independence or can be differentiated for either the catering crew or the horticulture students. 

If you are signed up for ‘Evidence for Learning’ then you’ll receive photos / videos of your son / daughter working throughout the term.  Please also regularly have a look at our page on the College website, where we also post photos and other news.