Form 4 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

1st March 2021

This term we have started our English topic, Charlie and The Chocolate factory. 
We started off by looking at the Author, Roald Dahl, who has written many children's books. His young daughter was his inspiration for writing the books, often creating the characters for her father. Quentin Blake worked with Roald Dahl having the role of illustrator, creating the wonderful drawings of the characters that we know about. 
The students have discussed the poverty that the Bucket family are in. They have talked at great length, the differences in the lifestyles in both past and present times. They have really understood and sympathised with Charlie and his family with the struggles they have, not only looking out for each other, but for the four elderly Grandparents too.
The students written a persuasive letter to Mr Wonka, persuading him to make their own chocolate bar. They have used some fantastic descriptive language, similes, alliteration and ended their writing with some fantastic punctuation!
Unfortunately for them, they couldn't persuade Mr Wonka to make their chocolate. Stanley Kettle, a fictional character had won the prize. However, early this morning, Maree came into class with a parcel and a letter from Willy Wonka. Inside the parcel, were ingredients to make a chocolate bar. The students were so excited to receive such a thing!  They all then worked together to make the chocolate bar design and more importantly, enjoyed eating them!