Form 4 News

1st October 2020

Welcome to Form 4.


What a rollercoaster of a year it has been so far! It so lovely to be back!

Welcome back to our students & families who were with us previously and a big welcome to our 3 new students and their families too!

As usual in Form 4, we have hit the ground running. We have started working on our course work, getting to know what jobs are involved when working in an Office. ICT plays a big part this term, where we are becoming familiar with Clicker 7. This is really helping us with our reading and our writing and some of us enjoy listening to Clicker read back our work!

We have started our Duke of Edinburgh skills section this term, where we are learning to read Braille. We have learnt about the history of Louis Braille and how because of an terrible accident he had when he was younger, he lost his sight .As he grew up, Louis developed ways of communicating through touch and that’s how Braille was formed.

We have started looking at the Braille alphabet, spelling our names and we are now beginning to look at code breaking. Very soon we will be becoming familiar with a Braille machine. Look out for Braille across the college over the coming year!


This week in our DofE lesson we were very lucky in being able to use a Braille machine. It was a tricky job to do but we soon got to grips with it. 
We also experienced what it was like to live with sight loss. We wore simulation glasses and was given instructions to navigate around the classroom. It was very scary!