Form 4 learn about Ramadan

31st March 2022

Ramadan starts on Saturday 2nd April. Form 4 started to celebrate the festival this week. Aqsa shown the class some beautiful photographs of a recent family trip to Pakistan where she attended a family wedding.
Then students learnt all about Ramadan and why it is celebrated. They looked at fasting and the reasons by it. The students learnt about fasting when the Sun rises and finishing when the Sun sets. They then thought about bad habits that they have and the importance of recognising these during Ramadan. Students also thought about Good deeds that they do already and came up with some new ones to help friends and family. They were all very honest-which is fantastic!
The students finished the week off making little money boxes. These are used to put money inside and then are given to charity. 
Next term, students will be recapping on our good deeds that they have been doing and then they will be putting the plans into place for Form 4's celebration for Eid.