Football Festival

1st May 2019

On the 14th May, the football team attended the final fixture of the football festival at Cheshire F.A.’s headquarters at Moss Farm in Northwich.  The weather was beautiful and the team enjoyed several matches against other colleges, before having a larger game, where all players were mixed up.  This was a great opportunity for socialising and we had all made some new friends by the end of the afternoon.  Some great assists from Matthew during this match and some great saves from Ellie and Liam, who were sharing goalkeeping duties, during the other matches.  Although we did not win any of our matches, we were awarded the ‘Fair Play’ award, for our sportsmanship and the great attitude our players have to each other and their opponents.  Unfortunately, we will lose Jordon and Ellie from the team in July, who will be on the transfer list to Pettypool, so will be looking for some new signings for next season.