Student Voice

We work hard to make sure that our students ‘voices’ are heard.

This can be a challenging area as some students may not use words to communicate, or find communication very difficult. These students do communicate with us; they have a voice and need to be listened to, but we need to listen in a different way.

We have developed a very successful link with Oi Listen, a group that supports our students and other young people get better at speaking up about matters that are important to them. The group meets every Thursday morning in college and helps students to build their own confidence through speaking, listening, thinking and helping others.

For further information on Oi Listen and the work they do please contact Pip Horne on 01925 248 472 or have a look at the website here .

Oi Listen Information Sheet Oi Listen Information Sheet (664 KB)



Dress Code                                           


Our aim is to prepare our students for all aspects of life beyond college. Whilst we value individuality, students and parents / carers need to recognise that appropriate dress, along with basic etiquette, are common requirements in the work place and professional settings.                                    


1.No see-through clothing

2.No strapless tops / spaghetti strap tops / crop tops

3.No visible underwear

4.Shorts / skirts / dresses to be minimum knee length

5.No flip flops or open toe footwear – this is for Health & Safety reasons

6.No high heeled shoes / boots - this is for Health & Safety reasons

7.No ripped or torn garments

8.No clothing with offensive / inappropriate slogans or images

9.No hoods up or hats on inside the college building

10.No low cut tops showing cleavage

Students will be issued with guidelines about the college dress code as part of form group discussions.

Students found to be inappropriately dressed will be expected to put on clothing provided by college over their own clothes for the remainder of the day.

Parents / carers will be informed if clothing is not appropriate and they will be required to rectify this before the following day in college.

Could parents / carers please make sure that student clothing is labelled in some way with a name so that clothing items can be traced if they go missing.




Pip Horne Profile


Hi, I’m Pip and it is my job to facilitate the Oi Listen group so that all of the young people who take part have the chance to speak up and be listened to. I enjoy working creatively, using pictures and creating films to let people know what the group are saying.

I work for Warrington Speak Up, the local independent advocacy service, where I also facilitate a self advocacy group for adults. Across all of the work that I do my main focus is making sure that individuals are listened to when services are being designed and improved. It’s rewarding, demanding and frustrating at times but as jobs go it doesn’t get much better than when things change for the better because people were listened to.



Election fever hits college every year in the Autumn term with students nominating themselves to run for the top jobs of head student and deputy head student. Campaign battles are fierce and students have to stand up in front of the whole college and try and show why they should be voted for.

Head Student  Deputy Head Student 


Each class in college also nominates 2 students to sit on the college council. They are the ‘voice’ of the class and bring ideas to the council meetings which are then passed on to the Head of the college.

Class Representatives



Mission Statement of the College Council

The College Council exists to provide every student with a forum to express their opinion and have a voice into the way the college operated, simply put:

"Your College, Your Council, Your Voice"


College Council Minutes

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